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This is Power Your Story, a podcast made for students by students at Ray Graham Training Center High School in Chicago. Representing diverse voices, we tell real life stories through the power of podcasting technology, interviews, and round table discussions..

Production support from After School Matters and Andrea Klunder from The Creative Impostor Studios via the Podcast Tech: Power Your Story program.

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Jan 26, 2023

Jan 19, 2023

Open Mic episodes are where producers can share their ideas about a topic we've voted on earlier in the week. This time, Jules brings up the question of whether and how we can make changes to how subjects are taught in our school classrooms to be more inclusive and relevant to our life experiences.

This episode was...

Jan 15, 2023

Alejandro invited his mentor, Rudy Sosa, to the podcast to share his experiences as a leader in the Little Village community in Chicago. Rudy talks about leading vigils for neighborhoods grieving gun violence, mentoring youth through Youth Guidance’s Becoming A Man® program (BAM®), lessons from Black Lives Matter,...

Jan 11, 2023

This is a Pass the Mic discussion. We asked our fans on social media "How can you have an exciting life?" We read our audience's answers and then shared our opinions about whether we agree or disagree and why.

This episode was produced by Genaro, D’Angelo, Armani, Jonas, Joel, Edward, Emon, David, Brandon, and Elvis.

Jan 1, 2023

"You don't have to pass to anyone except yourself." Our student producer Joel shares this message with anyone who is questioning or struggling with their own gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation. Joel shares a personal story of coming out to his parents and with Program Advisor, Andrea Klunder,...