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This is Power Your Story, a podcast made for students by students at Ray Graham Training Center High School in Chicago. Representing diverse voices, we tell real life stories through the power of podcasting technology, interviews, and round table discussions..

Production support from After School Matters and Andrea Klunder from The Creative Impostor Studios via the Podcast Tech: Power Your Story program.

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Mar 22, 2021

We talked with Sarah Buino, licensed clinical social worker and founder of Head/Heart Therapy in Chicago, about addiction, and our experiences with stress, anxiety, OCD, and bottled up emotions. 

Sarah shared tips about using the things you love to do to help when you have these kinds of experiences -- like listening to music, singing, playing video games, going outside, and moving your body.

We also talk about Reiki, tarot cards, and super hero psychology.

Sarah shared that she doesn't like the word "control" when talking about your feelings and your body's response to stress. Find out what do do instead.

Check out Sarah's podcast Conversations with a Wounded Healer.

This interview was recorded in 2019. Since then her show has grown a lot! She talks with other healers about how people do our own healing work while helping others.

Sarah's favorite social media is Instagram.

On season 6 of Power Your Story, our theme is "My Favorite Things." 



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Power Your Story is produced by students at Ray Graham Training Center High School in Chicago. We represent diverse voices, telling our real life stories through the power of podcasting technology.

Each season features a new group of student producers under the mentorship of producer, Andrea Klunder of The Creative Impostor Studios, creating personal journals, interviews, and educational pieces about the topics that matter most to us.

Season 6 is produced by Alfred, Aliyah, Brandon, Carlos, Christobel, D'Vonte, Edward, Elvis, Justus, Joel, Juan, Keyanna, Mark, Mekhi, and Zamire.

Our theme music is by DJ Sparkz.