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This is Power Your Story, a podcast made for students by students at Ray Graham Training Center High School in Chicago. Representing diverse voices, we tell real life stories through the power of podcasting technology, interviews, and round table discussions..

Production support from After School Matters and Andrea Klunder from The Creative Impostor Studios via the Podcast Tech: Power Your Story program.

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Sep 20, 2023

Joel shares some thoughts about how he has developed his identity and his core ideologies and beliefs. He encourages listeners to stay strong in a time when certain identities are marginalized by discriminatory legislation being passed in parts of the United States.

This episode was produced and edited by Joel in...

Sep 18, 2023

What are the lessons you've learned that have helped you become who you? How do you deal with haters? How does your perspective change as you grow more into yourself?

This episode features Alex, Ciara, Dalilah, Jessica, and Silver, produced by Jayvon. Custom cover art by Bri.


Sep 17, 2023

How do you become more confident in who you are? Johnny shares stories of how he was diagnosed with autism, what his early experiences were like in school, and how he is doing as he begins his senior year of high school.

Custom cover art by Miracle. Social media by Sam.


Sep 13, 2023

Hear what some of our students were up to over their summer break.

This episode features Emilio, Essence, Uriel, Anabel, José, Daniel, Carlos, Christian, and Jonas. Custom cover art by Stanley and Edgar.




Sep 12, 2023

Miko's breaking down some sticky storeis from Reddit about people's relationships with their families, significant others, and friends. For each scenario, Miko provides clever commentary, answering the popular question of the platform: Am I the ***hole?

(Of course since this is a CLEAN podcast, we've done a little...