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This is Power Your Story, a podcast made for students by students at Ray Graham Training Center High School in Chicago. Representing diverse voices, we tell real life stories through the power of podcasting technology, interviews, and round table discussions..

Production support from After School Matters and Andrea Klunder from The Creative Impostor Studios via the Podcast Tech: Power Your Story program.

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Feb 27, 2022

Recorded outside at school, this is an unscripted interview that David & Edward have with Genaro, the creator of our theme music.

They talk about why he loves making electronic music and whether he would study music in college.

Season 7 theme is "Hobbies & Life Hacks."


Feb 23, 2022

Edward, D'Angelo, Genaro and Jonas talk with Seb from Sebz World of Sports, a show he originally created when he was in 4th grade.

They talk about sports, podcasting, and getting into the middle school of your choice.

The interview was originally recorded at the end of 2019 and we get an update from Seb!

Check out Sebz...

Feb 21, 2022

Chicago-based actor, podcaster and RPG fan Andrew Saenz joins us for a lesson about how to play the classic Dungeons and Dragons.

Our student producers even get to start their own adventure.

Variant Rules Podcast

Wizards of the Coast - DND

Andrew Saenz on IMDB

Season 7 theme is "Hobbies & Life Hacks."


Feb 4, 2022

Joel and D'Vonte are talking with Earl Geier, manager at Graham Crackers Comics, the biggest comic book store in downtown Chicago. According to his bio, Earl thinks Spider-man has been a clone since Steve Ditko left the title, and everything after 1968 is "new books". He's been reading books for almost as long as any of...