"I lost a few brothers due to the senseless violence Chicago is known for. I stored it away for over 15 years until I came across a 8th grade photo of them and had a epiphany . My art became the way I finally grieved and at the same time heal" its my way to pay tribute to them. My mission is to empower/educate youth with positive and relate-able alternative lifestyles.The representation of Chicago and hip hop culture in my work reflects the need for positive outlets , unity, love and positivity.

My paintings are a reflection of how it feels and looks growing up in Chicago. The beauty and brutality the city is known for. My art embodies the four seasons and the need for balance in a city where if you don't stay grounded you get swept away. My subjects are often very young and don the masks of Aztec/Zulu and indigenous warriors and gods. The characters represent modern day warriors and ancestors we call on for strength and to summon spiritual powers.The visuals are meant to empower, unify,  inspire and educate . There is a darkness in my work as well as a sense of serenity, promise, and light. My goal is to preserve and contribute to the culture and represent the mis and underrepresented."

This episode features Joel, Al, Ryan, Jonas, D’Angelo, and Aliyah.



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Power Your Story is produced by students in the Podcast Tech & Production programs of After School Matters in Chicago. We represent diverse voices, telling our real life stories through the power of podcasting technology.

Each season features a new group of student producers under the mentorship of producer, Andrea Klunder of The Creative Impostor Studios, creating personal journals, interviews, and discussions about the topics that matter most to us.

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